Biz Wallet is a unique Mobile application available in both Android and iOS. It is simple and easy to use. Merchants can accept Credit and Debit Card payments on the smart phone like LG, Samsung, iPhone etc. for their products that they sell in their store.

Customers can securely pay with their Credit and Debit Cards. Daily transactions can be viewed instantly on the mobile phones. There is no need for a special Point of Sale device.

Your mobile phone is your device.


 Use Biz Wallet to make purchases instantly from your own mobile device.
 Use it anywhere to accept and make payments wherever you are, no matter who you are.
 It is your Personal Wallet and no need to carry your credit or debit card.
 It is safe and secure with prime security credentials.

Who can use Biz Wallet?

Anyone starting from roadside vendors to store owners, from small merchants to restaurants, and from clubs to non-profit organizations. Biz Wallet provides useful, fast and secure financial solutions to micro and small businesses.

Tech Savy consumers

Biz Wallet is the most comfortable,safe and modern payment method. It provides both sellers and buyers the extra security and safety of online transactions.

Micro business Companies

All types of Small business owners who want accept to credit cards without the hassle of having a merchant account in a bank

Educational Institutions

It is instant and the most reliable way to make payments. You can make and accept payments, within seconds online.

Coming Soon Features

The following features are to be added to the Biz Wallet soon.

1. Mobile Top up

2. Utility Bills

3. Movie/Bus/Train Tickets

4. Transfer of funds to other customers

5. Payment gateway plugins for shopping carts

6. eGift Cards

7. Biz Wallet Charge Cards, VISA and MasterCard