Customers can download and register the mobile application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It is free and easy. Customers can store their credit and debit cards on their own mobile device in an encrypted image.

Customers can securely pay with their Credit and Debit Cards. Daily transactions can be viewed instantly on the mobile phones. There is no need for a special Point of Sale device.


 The cards are securely stored and accessed only by userid and password.

 Customers can display their encrypted images of the credit and debit cards to merchants using their mobile device.

 There is no charge to the customer for purchases other than the product they bought using the regular credit and/or debit cards.

 Customer purchases are viewed instantly on the mobile device.

Let's See how it works

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    Payment Application

  • img02

    Customer Registration

  • img02

    Login Credentials

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    Scan & Store Debit/Credit Cards on your own mobile device

  • img04

    Manual Entry transaction to charge a customer’s credit card

  • img05

    View transactions instantly on your device

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    Enter OTP for completing the purchase

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    You can enable to sign out of our app, and to disconnect your accounts